DCue is an open source command line tool for creating audio cue sheet files using the massive release database at Discogs.com. DCue is available for both Windows and Linux and is written in C++ with no external library dependencies. It has a very simple command line syntax and creates human-readable and universally compatible cue sheets (.cue files). It also supports the automatic creation of multiple cue sheets for multi-disc albums in an intuitive way. Currently at version 1.0, DCue is already considered relatively functional.

You're most likely to find what you're looking for at one of the following locations:

Windows binaries, source code, documentation and all manner of other resources can be found on the DCue project page on Sourceforge.


Please feel free to subscribe to the project and to contact me if you're interested in contributing to the continued development of DCue. There is a rough to-do list on the Contributing page of the DCue Wiki and Git repo accessible from the project home on Sourceforge.

Because of the niche appeal of DCue and because I'm the starving artist type, if you find the project useful, a donation would be greatly appreciated. Any money donated is purely a "thank you" and will probably buy me a drink or two. :)

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